Antioch: 5 Injured After Vehicle Strikes Palm Tree, Sets House on Fire


At 2:27 am Sunday, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle that had struck a palm tree in the 2900 block of Bluebell Cir in the City of Antioch.

The crash injured 5 people with 1 trauma activation. Police said one of the victims was a local cheerleader who almost lost her life in the crash. No medical helicopter was required.

While firefighters were responding, it was reported that the vehicle began to catch fire. AMR arrived first on scene to report the vehicle was fully involved and that a hillside began to catch fire.

A short-time later, it was reported by CONFIRE units that the fire had extended to the exterior of a home and extended into the attic and the home was on fire. All occupants did make it out of the home without injury.

By 3:00 am, the fire was deemed out and did not extend into neighboring homes. As of 5:15 am, crews were still on scene of the fire.

Antioch Police were investigating the crash, no further details were available.

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  1. This vehicle had to have been traveling at a high rate of speed to have jumped the curb and hit this tree. Residential speed limit the last time I checked is 25mph or as posted. The collision was loud enough to wake up the whole court? In my opinion, the parents of these 5 teens should share some responsibility for allowing these teens to be out at such a early AM hour. Let’s not forget about the innocent home owners who now have to clean up these teenagers mistake that happened at 3am.

  2. There’s already a curfew law on the books, right? This is something that’s entirely avoidable if that law is enforced.

    • “Entirely avoidable”? You do know that people still break the law even when they’re enforced right?

  3. I mean really….the kid or kids that should stand before the law, will. Then like the rest of us…stand before God. He will be the judge. I don’t know why people are so quick to judge other people. Please remember only God can judge so keep your sick, heartless comments to yourself.

    • People make judgments every minute of the day. It’ pretty much how we’re able to live past our teens. These kids made a judgment, a bad one, but a judgment nonetheless. Life is full of them. Message boards thrive on them. Probably what needs to happen here, is for you to stay off of them so your not offended by people rightfully judging the stupid. If more people would maybe we could stop some of the madness going on around us before it happens.

  4. They quickly forgot about the Antioch teens that died recently in Walnut Creek. They all made bad choices and they all went to Deer Valley High School. Not sure what school these teens go to but probably did not think it could happen to them. It all starts at home. Parents need to remind their kids to call for a ride no matter what time it is or where they’re at. Parents will and should pick their kids up at a moments notice to make sure they get home safely.

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