Antioch: 21 Shots Fired on Cavallo Road Wednesday Morning


Just before 9:30 am Wednesday, the Antioch Police Department responded to the area of Cavallo Road near E 18th on a report of shots fired.

Shell casings recovered from the scene

Officers arrived to the area where they located 21-shell casings after a shooting between subjects. No victims were reported and police were investigating the scene.

According to police, casings were scattered in the area located in a driveway, the street, while six shots hit a truck, and one shot went through a senior living facility.

No further details were available.


  1. Well, none of them seem to have made it into that pre-school yet, so maybe they’re not shooting up the Wilbur side of the area, that much is good, right? Right?

  2. So basically school kids have to going to that leftist charter school need to wear bullet proof vest’s to go to school

  3. @Do,

    Actually, the charter and private schools are not a “leftist” thing at all. The Republicans have been trying to privatize our schools for a long time to line the pockets of cooperations with our tax dollars while have no public accountability. In fact, Gov. Brown just signed a bill severlery limiting the scope of private, for profit charter schools which have been touted by the right.

    The particular charter school you’re speaking of was funded by a non-profit and will serve kids from poor communities and will not rely on taxpaer contributions.

    Why you chose to bring politics into the conversation shows you are 1) not educated on the facts and 2) likely unwilling to educate yourself on the facts.

    • On the Department of Education website they are listed as “directly funded”, which means they are funded by the state. Pretty sure that is our tax money….
      Charter schools can be “locally funded,” meaning that they receive their funding through their authorizing district or county office, or “direct-funded,” in which case they receive funding directly from the state.
      EdData – Charter Schools in California

  4. 21 shots fired on Cavallo near E. 18th Street??? I don’t believe it! Such a great neighborhood..

  5. Charter schools were NOT pushed by Republicans to line the pockets of corporations. Charter schools were started by parents from both political parties because California schools couldn’t seem to educate their children. California schools are rated 48th in the nation. How much more pathetic can we get.

    • You are correct Teresa. The option to choose a different school is because the current left system does not work today. Kids are not learning and bad teachers are being protected by unions who control the the blue politicians. The truth hurts. Schools are failing and shots are flying.

  6. Charter schools are all over the United States. Fortunately in Antioch they are state run. We are lucky to have Rocketship schools want to improve a bad area and invest millions.

  7. Who was it who just cavalierly started shooting up what could be termed one of our main drags? Is anyone in custody? Is there some description, other than that we have a couple shooters? What’s unbelievable here is that there’s not really much attention or interest, as if dinging a nursing home with a bullet is an everyday occurrence. This is a busy spot, a pretty target-rich environment if you’re going to get trigger-happy, and old people and children are disproportionately at risk in this area.

  8. @ Not All

    “line the pockets of cooperations with our tax dollars while have no public accountability”

    So let’s line the pockets of Calpers then with no public accountability….

    They have some black eyes currently. We who actually have to save ourselves for our retirements are not fans of these obligations.

    I just don’t like your statement because of your self riteous attitude, like you think that our pension obligations- that will bankrupt this state (actually we, the taxpayers) -is so much better.

    Many people feel that the current system is not working. Please, at the least, don’t be so biased. Guilty until proven innocent, right?

  9. They City installed multiple cameras at that intersection some time ago, so what do they show? No mention of them in the article!

    • Yes and many arrests have been made because of those cameras. Cavallo has improved alot actually. Some of us drive through there and notice the improvement.

  10. The neighborhoods of Cavallo and Sycamore are the worst any city could have — and there is no improvement! The rival the rock-bottom places in South Central Los Angeles (Watts). The City cannot seem to control these two areas and I think bringing in the feds might finally clean the place up. It has happened in other cities by the Antioch City fathers (and mothers) need to initiate this.

    Most of those hovels on Cavallo are rentals and total eye sores .. the City should crack down on the owners and unless they fix them, the City should have all of those structure BULLDOZED to the ground! That area is a breeding ground for CRIME!

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