Animal Rescue Recon Earns $4,900 Grant, Seeking Foster Homes


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Kudos goes out to Animal Rescue Recon who announced they received a grant worth $4,900 from Maddie’s Fund Treatable Assistance Program.  Although they have not yet received the grant award yet, they were awarded $700 for 7 animals.

The group will use a majority of the funds to purchase additional supplies to allow for multiple adoptions to occur at one time in different locations so they can further achieve their goal of rescuing as many animals as possible. They will also be using a portion of the grant to pay off medical bills and pay for additional medical procedures on some of their animals.

The 7 animals included:

  • Andy via way of Antioch Animal Services Shelter. At the age of 4-months, he had a severe case of mange that required multiple skin scrapings. He was adopted Dec. 22.
  • Charlie via way of Antioch Animal Shelter. At approximately 6-years old, he was underweight and suffered trauma to his eye. He was adopted Dec. 12
  • Duke is estimated at 5-years old but later turned out to be 7, had eye and ear infections when he was pulled from the Antioch Animal Shelter. Duke had to work through some behavioral/aggression issues and after the foster worked with him, they ended up adopting him into her home. She donated $133 towards his medical bills.
  • Emma was another rescue from Antioch Animal Services Shelter. She suffered from a scratched bloody cornea and underwent a hernia repair. She was adopted October 5.
  • Hope was estimated at 7 years old, and introduced to the organization from the Contra Costa County Animal Services in Martinez. She was nearly out of time and saved her from being put down. She had deformed back legs with sever gait. She was adopted in November.
  • Pebbles as rescued from Antioch Animal Services Shelter with kennel cough and a nasty sore behind hernia. She underwent hernia repair and spayed. She was adopted Dc. 3
  • Phoenix came via the Antioch Animal Services Shelter and had a broken leg which required surgery and lots of healing time. He was adopted in November.

According to Treasure Carlson, most of the expenses on the organization since its formation has been on vet bills with the average expense being $160 and between Sept. 2012 to Dec. 31, the group was able to find homes for 36-animals.

Carlson stated the most expensive bill they had in 2012 was a dog with the broken leg resulting in a vet bill over $500.

In 2013, they had a dog with a broken jaw and with poor teeth that required extensive dental work to go along with a reoccurring ear infection—so far, the group has put in $580 to the dog.

2013 has been kind though, they started with 30 animals in their care and so far have adopted out 34 animals averaging 9-adoptions per month. Between the cost of an adoption, supplies, medical, the group makes a net profit of $97 on average that is put back to rescue other animals.

As of last week, the group has 19-dogs currently looking for homes which all are in private foster care.

The group meets on Saturday’s at Brentwood Feed between 12-3 located at 2500 walnut Blvd. in Brentwood.

Seeking Temporary Foster Homes

During the month of May, Animal Rescue Recon is seeking temporary foster homes to “stockpile” animals for a June 1-2  Free Animal Adoption Fundraiser event through Maddies Fund.  This is a major fundraiser and I would encourage each of you to open up your homes for a few weeks and take in a dog.

The beauty of this adoption day is Maddie’s Fund has set aside $4 million so it can give each shelter or rescue group $500-2,000 per adoption. This fundraiser will held ensure more animals can be rescued throughout the year.

Please contact (925) 392-7654 or email [email protected] if you will like more information about potentially becoming a temporary foster.

Maddies Fund:

Maddie’s Fund will pay organizations $500 for each “cute and cuddly” adoption, $1,000 for each adoption involving a dog or cat who is seven years of age or older or who has been treated for one or more medical condition and $2,000 for each adoption involving a dog or cat who is seven years of age or older and who has been treated for one or more medical condition.




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