After Hitting the National Stage on The Voice, Ilianna Viramontes Looks to Launch Career

By Hannah McBride

Taken by ECT while performing at Hannah Nicole Vineyards in Brentwood

After showcasing her incredible talent in both Liberty and Heritage High School choirs in Brentwood, Ilianna Viramontes has kick-started her career by competing on NBC’s “The Voice” last fall.

Viramontes was on season 13 where judges Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton turned their chairs hoping to recruit her to their respective teams- Viramontes ultimately picked Cyrus. She appeared in the Battle rounds where she was eliminated.

Illianna got into music when she was a little girl, her father was a drummer in a band and she was always exposed to music. It wasn’t until her freshman year of High school that she started taking music seriously.

She quit sports and music became her sole focus.

“I always knew it was a dream whether or not I acted on it. I just always loved it more than anything and it was the one thing that came to me so naturally. It never feels like a chore or a job, and that’s one of the thing I love most about it; I never get tired of it.” Viramontes likes preforming all types of music and preforms covers by artists such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Carol King. She has Cd’s available at every gig and is planning to release music on ITunes this summer.

Since “The Voice”, she has been performing for venues all around the Bay Area to get her name spelled in lights anywhere she can, including Co. Co. Wine Company and Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Winery.

Although her career is just starting, people still relate her to “The Voice” which she hopes isn’t something that sticks long-term, but rather just a catapult. Viramontes tried out for the show to gain the experience and learn from it.

“It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes and taught me a lot about myself as a performer. It also gave me the confidence to do as many gigs as I’m doing now, but most importantly it gave me the credibility to my name to get gigs, but in the future, I want to be known for more, I want to be known as just Ilianna Viramontes, not Ilianna from ‘The Voice.’”

Although she is preforming this summer locally, those wanting to see Viramontes will only have a few opportunities as she will be headed to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music this fall.

“I wanted to go to Boston because I believe that Berklee will also give me the credibility to my name that I’ll need to get my foot in the door. If preforming doesn’t work out, I still want to work with music, either teaching it or practicing musical therapy, I’m just excited to see where life takes me out there.”

While in Boston, Viramontes hopes to broaden her skills and take her talents to playing shows in not only Boston, but also the entire East Coast.

She has an upcoming show in New Mexico and is planning more gigs in the Bay Area for the rest of summer. She will be releasing dates in the near future.

She can be reached at [email protected] or on her Instagram @iliannaviramontes.

Hannah McBride is a Liberty High School graduate currently attending California State University Monterey Bay. She is an aspiring musician who covers arts and entertainment and musicians.



  1. She was THE best of the bunch! Really a great voice! However, she should have picked Blake as her coach! After she was eliminated, Black should have “stolen” her!

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