Advertise on ECT is the most popular online news source in East Contra Costa County where readers come to see news as it breaks. We are updated multiple times per day which ensures more viewership of your advertisement.

Our 2018 Packages start as low as $175 per month for a basic ad. We also offer more extensive packages that include simple ad placement or content creation–email us for rates.

Our goal is to help promote our clients to the local community through a win-win partnership. We admit we are not just selling you ad space, but we are providing you an engaged and loyal audience as well.

An example of our engaged audience (rounded) can be found on our social media pages:

  • Facebook Page – 63,950 “fans”
  • Instagram Page – 16,600 “followers”
  • Twitter Page – 4,000 “followers”

These are people who live and work in our community, who are the most likely customers for your business. We can reach them instantly in a single post.

As newspaper and print circulation continues to fall, it’s been stated that 76% of consumers are now reading their news online, according to Pew Research Center. Knowing this, we have been able to provide our partners in the business community with a resource to connect with consumers to build a brand and help them attract leads.

By supporting and allowing us to help you promote your business, you are supporting independent news and helping boost the local economy.

Content Marketing Solutions

We offer marketing/branding solutions by working with you to create and produce content for your website or social media accounts. We can also manage your social media pages to help increase exposure and opportunities with your target audience.

Our Social Media Services Include:

  • Content Strategy – We will work with you to determine what you could post on social media as well as what time of day, day of the week. The goal is to ensure engagement by producing proper content deployment strategies.
  • Content Curation Strategy – Want to share content on your social media pages without sending prospective customers to your competitors? We will work with you to find strategies to not only post relevant content from third-parties on your page, but ensure those third parties share your content in return for greater exposure.
    Engagement Strategy – We audit your accounts and come up with ways where you can better address your audience to spark dialogue, increase discussion and show empathy to your audience.
  • Facebook Ads Management – We work with you and your budget of how to best setup a targeted ads strategy on social media. We will set-up, target, and monitor your Facebook Ads for you. Whether it’s a $10 campaign or unlimited, the goal is to ensure a return on investment.
  • Influencer Strategy – We will work with you to find ways to leverage larger audience that may benefit you.
  • Social Media Account Set-up – If you don’t have any social media accounts set up, no problem. We can create them for you.
  • Social Media Auditing Services – We will review your social media activity and provide you with a report with data, suggestions, tips and see which platforms you should be spending your time in.
  • Social Media Coaching – We will spend an hour with you on how you can utilize social media and provide you with a crash course and answer any questions you may have.
  • Social Media Management – We work as your brand, posting, engaging and building your audience for you. We will work to ensure posts are frequent based on your needs.
  • Social Media Profile Optimization – Do you already have accounts set up? No problem, we will work with you to find ways to better improve them.

Want to Expand Your Business or Event Reach?

Considering the following options:

  • Advertisement packageemail us for rates.
    This is traditional advertising where we place your ad on our website. The ad will have a link to your website.
  • Site Sponsor (new) – sponsor the site for a period of 30-days or more and your company information will be placed at the bottom of every article.
  • Banner add – SOLD OUT for 2018, reserve your spot for 2019
    This banner is placed on the top of our website.
  • Content Marketing
    This is where you either submit content to publish on behalf of your business, or we write a story about you to provide exposure of your offerings.
  • Real Estate Packages
    Under this package, you can showcase up to 10-listings of your choice each week. This is limited to one brokerage in a 7-day period.
  • Social Media Blast
    We take your information and blast it across our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Business Profile
    This is where we work with you to create a business profile about your company, its offerings, employees, etc. Includes photographs! This is then placed on our website.
  • Sponsored columns
    Showcase your expertise by writing about your field on a consistent basis. These columns are limited to one person per industry.
  • Social Media Consulting
    We will work with you to increase your social media traffic on your own platforms and work with you to create your own content – email us!

For more information on advertising plans, contact Mike at [email protected].