2018 City Council Races Begin to Become Clear

Antioch Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock pulls papers as she seeks re-election

With just a few days to go until the filing deadline, local city council races are beginning to take shape as the filing deadline is August 10 at 5:00 pm. Meanwhile, if incumbents do not file, the deadline is extended until August 15.

Antioch City Council

  1. Nora Foster
  2. Howard Kinsel
  3. Janice Lipinsky
  4. Sandi Mauricio
  5. Rodney McClelland
  6. Joyann Motts (qualified)
  7. Caroleve Prudence Capelle (qualified)
  8. Lori Ogorchock (qualified)
  9. Tony Tiscareno (qualified)

Brentwood City Council

  1. Joel Bryant (qualified)
  2. Chi Pong (Albert) Cheong
  3. John Fink (qualified)
  4. Michael Jones
  5. Johnny Rodriguez
  6. Olga Vidriales

City of Oakley

  1. Michael Dupray
  2. Sue Higgins
  3. Dezi Pina
  4. Randy Pope
  5. Paul Seger

City of Pittsburg

  1. Marilyn Craft (qualified)
  2. Wolfgang Croskey (qualified)
  3. Durie Foster, Jr. (qualified)
  4. Mark Gargalikis (qualified)
  5. Holland Barret White

Town of Discovery Bay

  1. Kevin Graves (qualified)
  2. Bryon Gutow (qualified)
  3. Brian Roger Lax (qualified)
  4. Robert Leete (qualified)

Will update again Friday afternoon