Update: 12-Year-Old Antioch Boy Missing Now Home


Update: We got world around 6:00 pm Sunday night that Justin Spencer Cuba has now returned home. We are awaiting details and will update accordingly.

Original Post:

Justin Spencer Cuba, 12, of Antioch was last seen by parents when he left for school Friday to Antioch Middle School wearing a school uniform. According to Antioch Police, this is a valid case and anyone with information should contact the Police Department at (925) 779-6900.

Was last seen at Antioch Town Center around 7:00 pm Friday night.

Name: Justin Spencer Cuba
DOB: Aug 7, 2001
Height: 3 Feet 9 Inches
Weight: 45-lbs
Clothing: Last seen wearing burgundy polo shirt with khaki pants. Could also be wearing gym cloths from Antioch Middle School.




  1. Correct me if I am wrong but I do not believe this is an accurate description. 45 lbs? They need to be sure the description is accurate to aid in locating him.

      • he lives around the corner from my parents house and my little brother knows him , he is actually really tiny. I hope they find him

      • The description is accurate. I often would question why a child so small would be walking alone to school. That is until my soon who is an 8th grader at ams let me know that he was in fact in middle school. He is very tiny. Much smaller than my small 5th grader. I pray they find him well.

  2. He is very small,smaller than my 12 year old. he’s been my son’s friend since elementary school. I hope he is found. Prayers to his family.

  3. Why would any parent not accompany a child of this age to school???? Hello!! We are living in an age of pedophiles,, human trafficking and child abduction….Walk, Drive or Carpool your children safely to and from school people. Or send them in groups. I pray he is found safe and sound.

    • Let’s not start judging the parents. We dint know their situation, and it’s not or place to judge. Let’s all just share the article/picture and do what we can to help him get home safely.

    • I let my kids walk home starting in 5th grade. Sum of us parents have to work. And yes….the world is a scary place. But u can’t be everywhere all the time with yr kids. Its impossible. Glad they found him safe.

  4. @ Mindy– I think a child of 12 years old is plenty old enough to walk to or from school alone. I was doing it at 9-10 years old, and at 12– he’s almost a teenager, certainly doesn’t need to be hovered over every minute. I believe that is the problem we have today– we, as parents, ‘helicopter’ over our childrens’ every move. I know what a lot will say: “there are so many child abductions and pedophiles and dangers everywhere!” but really, I dont believe there are MORE of these dangerous people today than when I was a child 30 years ago… I just think we HEAR about it more because of TV and internet. Anyhow– this is all said for nothing, as I believe I read at the top of this post that he has returned home. That is all that really matters. Glad things turned out well for the family.

  5. My parents walked me to school in kindergarten on the first day… They drove me to school as a teenager, when I was in trouble.. that was my punishment.. Glad he made it home..

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