10:00 am: Antioch Memorial Day Celebration



You are invited to join the City of Antioch and local veterans in celebrating Memorial Day and honoring our Veterans during a ceremony beginning at 10:00 am. The Ceremony will include a variety of events that will include military display, honor guards and music from the local high schools.

Here is a look at the ceremony program.

  • Welcome Mayor Wade Harper
  • Opening Prayer Pastor Larry Adams
  • Presentation of Colors American Legion
  • Pledge of Allegiance Bella Alfonso
  • National Anthem Richard Asadoorian
  • Speaker Tai Ari Zimmerman
  • Musical Selection Deer Valley Marching Band
  • God Bless America Richard Asadoorian
  • Placement of Wreath TomKaras & Wade Harper
  • Placement of Rose Antioch Police & Fire Dept.
  • Closing Prayer Pastor Larry Adams
  • Gun Salute & Dove Release
  • Playing of Taps TomKaras

If you go:
10:00 am at Oak View Memorial Park located at 2500 E. 18th St. in Antioch

Antioch memorial Day

Brentwood Memorial Day Celebration (Monday)
Monday May 26 – 10:00 am at Brentwood Union Cemetary located at 11545 Brentwood Blvd and will include firing of cannons, a Marine Corps rifle salute, guest speakers, and Liberty High School Band.


  1. God Bless every man and woman who has placed themselves in arms way to protect my freedom.You are the reason America remains a free country. God Bless You

  2. Let me say, when I did two tours in Viet Nam I did not tell any of my friends or family I was going there. Only after I had returned home did I let them know. It really hurt me to have to hide my service to my country. Now I’m not blaming anyone. Times have changed. It is amazing what the two little words “Thank You” can do to heal these wounds in my heart.. The first time I heard it was when this young lady said, “Sir, thank you for serving our country”… I could not speak. She was walking by and made direct eye contact with me and said it! I couldn’t even ask her for her name. When I go to the Memorial at Oak View Memorial Park In Antioch I always think of her. When I hear those two words a tear and an under breath whimper shows up. I want to thank all who put forward the efforts for this wonderful Memorial Day event at Oak View Park. It means so much to my wife and I.

  3. Ted,
    Thank you for your service.

    I am astounded that no one else commented on here thanking our vets. I guess they are too busy trying to take from the government to thank anyone.

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